Developing with CoinOS

example of using the CoinOS API

If you’re a software developer or techy and you’ve used CoinOS for some amount of time, you’re probably wondering how to interact with it on the command line, or application programming interface (API).

We have an API, which you can access by going to your settings and at the bottom click on “Auth Keys” where you will see your JWT Auth Token. This is what you will use to interact with our API. If you’ve never used an API before, Postman might be a good place to start.

While our API docs are effectively non-existent, we’ve created this github gist to get you started.

Finally, we had user Luke P generously contribute a python CoinOS library which might also help you get started.

If you have any questions, jump on Twitter where we’re always eager to answer any questions you have to making your experience more enjoyable.

Thanks for reading and keep stacking sats!




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