The first white label NFT marketplace, and it’s all bitcoin based

  • No need to re-allocate or build a software development team, we’re a start to operations Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service.
  • We’re using liquid, which is a layer 2 bitcoin protocol. We have no connection to Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency.
  • Liquid means it’s fast and cost effective for your users — it’s only 3 cents to mint art or an asset. Compared to over $50 USD per asset on Ethereum, these 3 orders of magnitude difference make a night and day difference to your users.
  • wallet integration means your users can buy directly with their bitcoin, they don’t need to install browser plugins or understand a new and complex process.
  • The features of our NFT platform are not yet published. Consider for example linking NFC/tap to your physical products to make them NFTs (we’re building this for a tequila brand), or selling NFT tickets (first client will be using them next week for a movie release), or managing your supply chain with NFTs, a few examples of enterprise services you’ll see over the next few weeks as our clients launch their new services as their own.




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Kris Constable

Kris Constable

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